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by David Thomas on

Cogs! Here are some RISC OS themed backdrops made in Blender.

Click for huge (in RISC OS terms) 1920x1200 PNG format versions (rendered for sRGB colour space).

Image A resin cog on a, err, dirty floor.

Image A shinier set of cogs on a (now clean) floor.

Image Snow cog.

Image Polystyrene cog with “RISC OS”.

Image Polystyrene cog with “RISC OS”, try 2.

Image Cut glass RISC OS Direct logo, on glass.

Image Silver RISC OS Direct logo, on metal.

Image Car paint cog basks in sunset.

Image Desktop palette cubes having a bounce around.

Image Silver cog.


Image A rotating cog. The above image is an animated PNG (APNG). Click for an MP4 version with a chequered background.

License & Credits

The images are free for personal use. For any commercial use, customisations or commissions please contact me.

Many of the shaders used are from the Sanctus Library Addon.