Doodles > Futurama drawn as RISC OS icons

by David Thomas on

Here’s the most common Futurama characters drawn using the limitations of the RISC OS desktop’s 16-colour icon format!

Futurama pixel art

The palette becomes more restrictive for this group compared to my attempt at The Simpsons: I could really do with a light pink shade in the RISC OS desktop palette to use for skin. Scruffy looks quite pale for instance. I needed to stipple blue and red to approximate Leela’s purple hair.


I added more characters:

Futurama pixel art

With the comments above about the limitations of the palette in mind I had a go at re-colouring and adjusting the drawing to use the PICO-8 palette:

Futurama pixel art


I made a few recordings of the drawing process. Here’s me drawing Leela:


and Nibbler: