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by David Thomas on

My rendering addiction continues. I’ve made another batch of backdrops in Blender. This time I’m having a go at some logos. We’ve got the Half-Life 2 logo, the Planet Express logo from Futurama and a not-the-usual Atari logo.


Click here for tasty logo goodness.

I’ve also updated the Cogs and Nuts pages:

Good day to you sir

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by David Thomas on

I’ve now got a fancy modern computer (actually from 2013) which doesn’t catch fire when rendering images in Blender. So for reasons yet to be determined I’ve been drawing some backdrops themed around the RISC OS Cog logo, the RISC OS Direct Cog and Arrow logo and the RISC OS 16-colour desktop palette.

Image Image Image

Read about it here.

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"BEWARE 20,000 VOLTS" – The Joy of SpriteExtend

by David Thomas on


The Acorn operating system RISC OS is built from a kernel and a collection of software components called relocatable modules. Its native bitmap format is the sprite.


RISC OS’s most fundamental sprite drawing routines live alongside the other VDU handling within the OS kernel. However, that’s not enough to support all of the defined sprite operations. A support module called SpriteExtend enters the fray: it hooks into the OS and steps in when required to implement the extended OS_SpriteOp operations.

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PrivateEye 3.10 has improved JPEG-fu

by David Thomas on

PrivateEye 3.10 is now available.

Slightly out-of-date snap

PrivateEye is a viewer for Sprites, DrawFiles, JPEGs, ArtWorks, GIFs and PNGs. It also has editing features including bitmap effects and rotation.

Version 3.10 is an update which enhances its handling of JPEGs:

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Dave Done Doodling

by David Thomas on


I’ve updated the site a few times since my last front-page blog post. So what’s happened lately?

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