Chase H.Q. disassembly project

by David Thomas on

It’s been ten years since I started reverse engineering The Great Escape. I didn’t really intend to start another disassembly project but after trying out SkoolKit’s new tape loading and Z80 simulation magic I found myself with a new one on my hands. This time I’m pulling apart the Spectrum version of Chase H.Q.!

Screenshot of Chase H.Q. being disassembled.

Here’s the current state of the disassembly: and the related thread on Spectrum Computing:

See you in ten years!

Okay, not really, because now we have an amazing new tool to accelerate the process: Spectrum Analyser is an emulator-debugger-interactive-disassembler combo. Here’s a short, silent, video of me using it to watch Chase H.Q.’s internal screen buffer being drawn: