PrivateEye 2.75 with JPEG metadata display

by David Thomas on

PrivateEye 2.75 with JPEG metadata display.

PrivateEye 2.75 screenshot. Exif metadata display.

The big new feature in this version is interpretation of JPEG metadata, one example of which is Exif data. The new version of PrivateEye can decode and present this data in a treeview, so you can view (but not edit) the information stored by digital cameras and image processing applications. It also supports Adobe, IPTC-NAA and JFIF COM data.

The other new feature is caching. PrivateEye can allocate an amount of memory in which to preserve recently-loaded images. This saves time when flipping back and forth between files.

I’ve also made the ‘Convert to Sprite’ function for JPEGs more accessible, which makes using the histogram and effects system more convenient.