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by David Thomas on


PrivateEye is an image viewer for RISC OS.

It requires RISC OS 3.6 or later and a Boot sequence with the Nested Wimp and a 32-bit Shared C Library.



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Paper style document backgrounds. (First appeared in version 3.20)

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Improved JPEG format information. (First appeared in version 3.10)

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Pixeloo’s untooned Jessica Rabbit demonstrates improved transparency support. (First appeared in version 2.85)

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Olivia Wilde demonstrates JPEG metadata display. (First appeared in version 2.75)

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Eva Green demonstrates the effects window. (First appeared in version 2.50)

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Tigger the cat demonstrates the interactive rotation dialogue. (First appeared in version 2.00)


Current version: 3.20 (18 Nov 2022)

Source Code

The PrivateEye source lives on github at https://github.com/dpt/PrivateEye.