PrivateEye 3.00 with a couple of fixes

by David Thomas on

An update to my RISC OS image viewer PrivateEye is now available with a couple of small but essential fixes for anyone using a Raspberry Pi 3, or using a version of RISC OS with zero page protection enabled:

Additionally it was rebuilt using the latest DDE27 tools from RISC OS Open Ltd.

Regarding the grand version number…

In my mind PrivateEye 3.00 was intended to be a big old beast of a release featuring a triad of enhancements to make sorting and searching through images a breeze:

  1. Tag Cloud – would let you label images and search for images using labels arranged in a Filer-like tag cloud.
  2. Thumbview – was intended to be like a souped-up PhotoFiler displaying larger thumbnails, image dimensions and labels from tag cloud.
  3. Canvas - was to be a multiple-image viewer window which would let you plonk images down side-by-side for comparison.

… but there was insufficient time and inclination to get this stuff finished.

Here’s a sketch from the Thumbview prototyping stages showing the sort of thumbnails planned:

Thumbnail layout sketch

Even though they’re compiled out you’ll find evidence of these features in PrivateEye 3.00 in the greyed-out options in Choices dialogue and in the Messages and the Sprites files. These features have were never finished so are disabled in this release. Although they do work to varying extents.

If you’re sufficiently intrigued by the Tag Cloud idea then you can play with the Tag Cloud test application.