PrivateEye 3.20 has StrongHelp

by David Thomas on

PrivateEye 3.20 is now available. PrivateEye is a viewer for Sprites, DrawFiles, JPEGs, ArtWorks, GIFs and PNGs. It also has editing features including bitmap effects and rotation. It runs on RISC OS.

Here’s a screenshot of it running in RISC OS 4 via RPCEmu:

Screenshot of PrivateEye showing a recreation of the Ocean Software logo.

Version 3.20 has had quite a few changes. The main thrust of the work has been to reduce the reliance on the Tinct module, that’s used to render alpha channel sprites, and to replace the PDF format user guide with a StrongHelp one. I’ll break the changes down into sections:

User Guide



Image Info




PrivateEye is freeware.

It’s available to install via PackMan, or directly from this download link: (840K Zip)

If you want to contribute its source code is hosted on github:

And you can raise issues or enhancement requests here: