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by David Thomas on

When our friends, Matt and Steph, got married they requested no wedding gifts. We still thought we ought to get them something properly memorable to mark the occasion. Like any forty-odd year old male would have I had the idea of building them a custom LEGO® wedding arch set.

I started designing the set in LEGO® Digital Designer which has a bit of a learning curve, but isn’t too bad. I had to restart the design process over a couple of times when I found that the brick colours I wanted were unavailable (at least in useful quantities).

After various BrickLink orders the LEGO® wedding arch set was finished!

LEGO® wedding arch finished.

The final building instructions are here.

The custom minifigures were ordered from Matt needed a ginger mop, a tartan kilt piece and some purple trousers to approximate the purple bootlaces he wore on the day. Steph was harder to match. The initial minifigure faces I chose looked a bit too generic. Eventually I settled on a turnaround head with a regular smile on one side and a “wry smile” on the other which captures her personality nicely.

LEGO® wedding arch closeup.

I assembled the set in a LEGO®-compatible (sorry) perspex transparent display case obtained via eBay.

In line with ancient LEGO® law I then disassembled the lot, bagged the parts, printed out the instructions and boxed it up. A cover for the box was required; I cooked up this in Affinity Designer:

LEGO® wedding arch boxart.

Finally I added in a pair of “his n’ hers” lightsabers.

The assembly! -