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by David Thomas on

This is a detailed 3D model of an Acorn Risc PC 600 computer case. It was drawn in Blender during my current attempts to learn 3D modelling, inspired by the wonderful art of Guillaume Kurkdjian.

Acorn Risc PC model screenshot Editing in Blender.

It was measured from the real thing down to the millimetre, so it looks very accurate. But if for some reason you were compelled to 3D print it you’d soon find it’s not nearly realistic enough, e.g. the back of the case is just blank.


The main use is in rendering pretty pictures like these:

Acorn Risc PC model This is the first rendering I was pleased with.

Acorn Risc PC model A brighter rendering with less gloss - and no more levitation.

Acorn Risc PC model The current version has this orange backdrop (spot the accidental hole in the back).


To get the rendering of the Acorn logo and the “Risc PC 600” type on the front panels looking super sharp I recreated them in a vector format using Affinity Designer.

Acorn’s standard typeface was Bodoni and the best matching implementation of that I’ve found is Bodoni MT, but it’s not quite the same. And then when I started critiquing other versions of the Acorn logo I began driving myself nutty (Acorn joke there) and seeing other differences. In any case, it’s a pretty close approximation of the true Acorn logo.

I then turned them into the following 1024 pixel square textures for use on the model:

1 Acorn logo

2 Risc PC 600 type


In some ways this is a return to my 1995 Make-A-Risc PC app:

Make-A-Risc PC



Thanks to Frank Bullen for the loan of his Risc PC.