PhotoFiler and PrivateEye are now open source

by David Thomas on

I’ve noticed in the site’s logs that people were occasionally arriving here after searching for the source code to PrivateEye. I’d not generally made its source available as the people who had previously asked for it had received it, then they went all quiet. I presumed that was a bad sign.

PhotoFiler has previously had its source released but not one bit of feedback came of that. Presumably it’s perfect.

I’ve uploaded the source code to both PhotoFiler and PrivateEye to’s subversion server.

Now I would like to carry on beavering away on both utilities but, to be honest, the Iyonix doesn’t get switched on that much these days. I have grand things planned, with image tagging, tag clouds, thumbnails, searching and magical flying ponies called Geoff. All of that work in in the released source but it’s not in anywhere near a useful state.