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by David Thomas on

Instruction Syntax

<operation>{cond}{flags} Rd,Rn,Operand2
  • <operation>
    • A three-letter mnemonic, e.g. MOV or ADD.
  • {cond}
    • An optional two-letter condition code, e.g. EQ or CS.
  • {flags}
    • An optional additional flags. e.g. S.
  • Rd
    • The destination register.
  • Rn
    • The first source register.
  • Operand2
    • A flexible second operand.


This is the general form of the arithmetic and logical instructions. Many instructions have a similar syntax to this, but are not identical.

In the syntax line, curly brackets indicate optional parts.

Leftmost register Rd is the destination.

Instructions are generally single-cycle (except write to PC and register-controlled shift).

There is a revised form of the assembly language, which ARM have recently introduced, called UAL (Unified Assembler Language). Among many other changes this allows the condition code to go after the flags.